SPECIAL OFFER #1! Purchase any SIX of the items in all four parts of our June Major Auction COMBINED and receive, as an added bonus, a giant 7" x 10" refrigerator magnet FREE (but you only get ONE magnet however many you purchase). See below for much more on the magnets.

SPECIAL OFFER #2! Purchase any TWELVE of the items in all four parts of our June Major Auction COMBINED and ALSO receive, as an added bonus, HOLLYWOOD POSTERS SIX PACK ($120 original retail) FREE (but you only get ONE set however many items you purchase).

WHY ARE WE MAKING THESE INSANELY GOOD OFFERS? Because there are so many wonderful items in this June Major Auction that we want to give you added incentive to buy more. While these offers won't change your life, isn't it really great to be getting sent free bonuses after this auction, rather than being hit with a massive 20% or 25% "buyers premium" in all other major auctions?

ABOUT THE HOLLYWOOD POSTERS SIX PACK You get all six Hollywood Poster auction catalogs published by Bruce Hershenson (from 1990 to 1995, originally retailing for $20 each). These are all full-color volumes with the best color printing you have ever seen! You get images of over 2,000 vintage posters and lobby cards that sold at auction for over five million dollars. This is a visual reference guide to many of the finest posters ever made, and some are so rare that many of the posters have never appeared elsewhere, and there is very little duplication from volume to volume.

ABOUT THE MAGNETS These are high quality magnets that will last for years. How did we come to get them? We had some examples of our books with scuffed covers (which we didn't want to sell for that reason), which anyone who has seen them knows has incredible full-color printing. We had someone make magnets out of all the full page images we had (and they can be seen below).

YOU DON'T GET TO PICK THE MAGNET! We are just going to take the top one from the stack as each order is being shipped and add one to your order (we will start with the most classic ones, so you have incentive to pay for your order quickly!).

We have seen magnets like these sell in stores for $10, $15, or even more, but you get yours completely free, simply for buying any ten items (and we will automatically add it to your account). No other auction gives you free bonuses, but they ALL hit you with gigantic "buyers premiums" (and we are the only auction that has no buyers premiums at all! WE GUARANTEE YOUR REFRIGERATOR WILL BE THE ENVY OF ALL THE REFRIGERATORS IN YOUR TOWN!